Heart Off-Centered Beating

Off-center is that beating heart.
The rapids rush grows steeper
And those who’d reach the other side
Acknowledge that the river’s wide–
That heart is strong and deeper.

Written for dVerse Poetrics hosted by Michelle (Mish) featuring the artwork of Ally Saunders. The featured image, “Crossing the River”, is by Saunders. Her work may be viewed at http://allyart.ca/.

The Muse at Dawn

Some don’t believe in muses, but
At dawn mine spins my heart.
I don’t deserve such tenderness.
Perhaps one day we’ll part.

Then I will look upon the day,
Pretend she wasn’t real,
Pretend those fairy tales were false,
Pretend I do not feel.

Written for dVerse Quadrille #25 hosted by Björn.

Donuts With My Coffee

One is coated fresh with fame.
One is dumpier with dough.
One has frosting smoothed with shame.
One trades sugar for its soul.

Some are tasty. Others not.
All are gone before too long.
Sipping cappuccino hot,
Foamy calmness, sounds of song.

Linked to dVerse Open Link Night #188.

The Snake and the Apple

Upon the beach we snaked wet sand
And made it long and round.
With apple placed before its face
It slithers on the ground.

Maybe there’s an Eve somewhere
And Adam by her side
Who watched us make this fancy snake
And made them smile with pride.

Written for  dVerse Poetics hosted by Lillian with the challenge to create “a verb from a noun, adjective, or other word”.  I turned “snake” into “snaked” at the beginning of the poem.

I took the photo of the sand sculpture, but I do not know who made the snake. One day later it was almost completely erased by the waves.

Waiting for the Full Moonrise

Before this moon will rise the sun must set. I wait alone upon the beach except for strangers waiting for it, too.

And then we see its fresh, faint light. It lifts above the ocean’s noisy waves. I watch until I’m sure it’s safely high enough to journey on alone.


Written for dVerse Haibun Monday #29 hosted by Michael Grogan at Morpethroad with the theme “waiting”.  Photo by the author.

The Tree Planter on the Georgia Crew

He swings. The hoedad opens up the ground.
He sets the seedling, steps, and moves around.

For every bend a nickel he will earn.
He counts by thousands and without concern.

His caffeinated soda’s cheap and sweet
With peanut butter sandwiches to eat.

At night he camps with others like him who
Will spend four months together on this crew.

He works alone but some come there with spouses
While others waste their time and break up houses.

He’d not expect to find some girl who’d stay
And some feel life’s less lonely lived that way.

Written for dVerse Tuesday Poetics: Artisan hosted by Kim featuring poems by Seamus Heaney.

Waiting for Just a Whisper

Quietly awaiting word
Of what I need to do.
I hope I’ll figure out it when
Some whisper does come through.

I hope that something does come through
So I won’t feel alone
But even if some nothing comes,
This silence I’ll still own.

Written for dVerse Quadrille #24 with prompt “whisper” hosted by De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo).