A tarot card reader told me I could predict the future, but I did not take advantage of my skill. She herself got many things right about me, or rather she got the details wrong, if one wanted to be technical about it, but the end results were all right on target, better than I expected.

That was long ago. It was the only time I ever had a reading done. I thought at the time I was skeptical enough, but I realize now that I believed every word she said. Today I am more skeptical of doctors tempting me with drugs than I am of tarot readers pushing what? Best wishes? Some good advice on what to be cautious about?

I looked for her when opportunity brought me back to that area to thank her and tell her that she was right about everything of value. I didn’t expect she would still be there, but I checked anyway. Her dark shop in the hotel lobby was replaced by a well-lit trinket merchant. No one knew what happened to her. So, instead of expressing my gratitude, I had to be satisfied with seeing a beautiful future for her through all the storms that might come to charm her life. It was basically the same future she predicted for me.


Text: Linked to dVerse Haibun Monday. Michelle (Mish) is hosting with the theme of “faith”.

Photos: “Morning Sands to Walk on”, above, and “The Way We Bloomed Last Year”, below.

The Way We Bloomed Last Year

The Fool Card

I trust when the monsters appear
They’ll be friendly and want to calm fear
And I trust that I, too,
On this trail I move through
Will not frighten the ones who come near.

Linked to Saturday’s Image Write #9 hosted by Bekkie Sanchez. The image is a picture of the Fool Card in the Tarot. The original artist of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck first published in 1910 was Pamela Colman Smith.

Linked also to imaginary garden with real toads who have the fool card as part of their prompt to start a month of writing one poem a day hosted by Brendan MacOdrum.

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