Online Vanishing

I Wish My Mind Looked Like That

Since my mind isn’t frightfully clear,
And I listen to less than I hear,
And this limerick’s got
Nary reason nor plot,
If I post it will it disappear?

Linked to dVerse where I am hosting today and the prompt is to write a limerick.

Photo: “I Wish My Mind Were Clear Like That” by the author

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

77 thoughts on “Online Vanishing”

  1. a 13 second recording, gosh your brevity is breathtaking. ova where your head is today, brother. It was past time for poetic giggles, titters & guffaws

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    1. One of the nice things about limericks is that they are short. Still I had to make that recording twice. When I think too much I get confused although sometimes I am entertained for a while. Humor, however, is best. Thanks, Glenn!


    1. We do need an example of a serious limerick. Maybe this would work. It also has a title.

      Breakfast at the Outdoor Cafe

      She brings coffee and croissants to eat
      While fat pigeons peck food at my feet
      Seeking crumbs out of love
      I might drop from above
      As I search for her smile when we greet.

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      1. SMiLes.. my FriEnd Frank..
        Free Verse Limericks Bank
        A way for me and A RatHeR Trivia
        Note.. heAR.. My Grand FathEr.. An Irish
        Catholic Priest.. Born iN Limerick too.. EsCapes..
        And Calls mY Dad Frederick2 as sort oF A SiXth LiNe3.. 2..;)

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      2. If you have an ancestor who was from Limerick, that counts, too. As far as I’m concerned, any five lines will do. That your grandfather was a priest as well is interesting. It may be worth writing some poetry or a story about him.


  2. Oh, crap…my secret’s out. This is me, checking back 10 times after posting something, to make sure it’s still there and I got it right. First it made me grin, then I had these second thoughts. Embarrassing.


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