Wheel of Fortune

Courthouse from an alley

Change is what will never change.
There’s some new change tomorrow.
Let street and alley rearrange
As joy takes turns with sorrow.

There is no randomness to see.
There’s nothing that was forced to be.
The choosers chose and choice arose.
The dancer ever on fresh toes
Spins on with Love eternally.

Photo: “Courthouse Viewed from an Alley” by the author linked to Tuesday Photo Challenge — Alley.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

39 thoughts on “Wheel of Fortune”

      1. I do have a blog on WordPress. com under the name of OwnShadow. You should be able to find posts under that name in Reader. Thanks for you enquiry!

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    1. There are people who don’t think we can choose because we do have constraints on what we can do. Since we don’t have absolute free will, they believe we don’t have any free will. I was trying emphasize that we do make choices and perhaps all of reality does as well all the time. Thanks, Sherry!


  1. Fab poem and nicely read. I love the 2 lines “The choosers chose………..” & “The dancer ever on fresh toes” – evoked a strong image in my mind. Interesting alleyway too 🙂

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