Pink Guardians of the Entrance

Pink Guardians of the Entrance

Some say that they are in the way
But I am glad they’re there.
They’re still and bright and love the light
Projecting pink through day and night
To scare away despair.

Photo: “Pink Guardians of the Entrance”. I am linking this to K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with the theme of “the stillness and the light” and to trablogger’s Mundane Monday.

Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

46 thoughts on “Pink Guardians of the Entrance”

        1. We bought the hanging basket of mixed annuals in the Spring. They were supposed to last through the Summer and they did. However, I don’t know the names of the flowers in the mixture and the label, if it had them listed on it, is gone.

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    1. I don’t know what those flowers are. We bought them as a hanging pot of annuals from the garden section of Home Depot, a hardware store chain in the US. We set them in a regular pot. What the actual plants were in the mix may have been on the label, but we discarded that. Now I wish we kept it. Thanks, Dale!


    1. The inspiration usually comes from prompts which provide the focus. Sometimes there is enough time to sleep on the prompt, as in this case since K’lee and Dale provide their Monday prompts on Friday, and then an inspiration comes in the morning. Sometimes I hear the prompt and something comes to mind–or a photo I have taken in the past stands out. Basically, I don’t know where the inspiration comes from, but I don’t think I am causing it. There are others involved. Certainly the person coming up with the prompt idea is a definite other outside myself and then (maybe?) there are muses. Of course, it is not considered acceptable today to believe in muses as separate agents from us, but if we are here they may be as well. Thanks for asking that, Ben.

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      1. Well Frank, the miracles are always happening in accordance with nature,but not with our understanding of nature. You get your inspiration from your subconscious,from energy. You remind me on me, because for posts I need only title, and my subconscious offers the rest.

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        1. “Subconscious” is one way to describe it. There may be a collective or communal aspect to it more as Jung rather than Freud looked at the idea. I haven’t studied the idea psychologically as much as through “social mood”. “Intuitive” also works. I think this works for all of us. We all participate in it.

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  1. They are lovely greeters. A sweet contrast to the stone. I have a few limbs and vines I have to push aside to walk, but it’s okay when they are delicate and easy to move.

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