The fantasy of stony stuff
Is that it counts more real
Than anything that we can know
By feeling how we feel.

Text: I am linking the poem to dVerse Open Link Night hosted by Gayle.

Photos: I am linking the two photos, “Pebbles”, above, and “Stones”, below, to Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge with the theme “stones”.


Author: Frank Hubeny

I enjoy walking, poetry and short prose as well as taking pictures with my phone.

72 thoughts on “Stones”

  1. Yes Frank, this has real impact and yes again, I’m a crazy collector of stones too on all my travels. Perhaps you now helped me to understand why!

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    1. The common meter and sense does remind me of what Emily Dickinson sometimes wrote. I was looking for something very short, but not a haiku, that could stand on its own like a quote or saying and cast a positive “spell” with its sound and sense that would go with the photos. Thank you, Peter!


    1. That’s a good interpretation, Bekkie! I participate in three photo prompts at the moments: K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Prompt, trablogger’s Mondane Mondays and Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge and sometimes a few others. I figure what is a poem without a photo to go with it?

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  2. I saw this poem this morning just as school was starting and it became my pocket poem, so to speak, for the whole day. Wore it smooth as a stone. Well written with fabulous pics! I’ve always wanted a stonework house; achieved it with paint instead.

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  3. Counts of Stones
    Mechanical Cognition
    Real Observable Empirical
    Love is
    in the stone
    wHen pET Rocks GaiN heART..
    for we the ones wHo Create Love
    now no
    Lives isReaL..
    Holy GRail LovE TrainS oN..:)

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  4. I love your stones and the pictures of stones. When we were small my Nana (who wasn’t really my nana) used to take us to the riverbank to wash and scrub the stones… kept us occupied for hours and made such a wonderful mess.

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