Scary monsters love to smell
Like scary people do
And that is why I hold my nose
Expecting it is true,
But when they stare at me I find
Their stench is not as bad
As those sharp teeth and wicked eyes,
Those mercilessly mocking cries.
I laugh.  It drives them mad.

Written for Grammar Ghoul Press Shape Shifting 13 #64 Writing Challenge.  Prompt: “What is that smell?”

Any Extreme Is Delightful

Coffee I’d drink hot or cold.
My life I’ve enjoyed young or old
And that wonderful air!
It feels good every where
Whether timid or a tad bit too bold.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 30: Antonyms.

Running Off to My Time Machine

Going backward in time could be fun
But the past seems too old. It is done.
And that future caress
Will not feel any less
If I wait patiently and don’t run.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 29: Time Travel.

Glad He Liked It

Some humor shines best when it’s sunny.
Others want rain thick and runny.
We’re soaked when the skies
Shed big tears through God’s eyes
From His laughter. He thought we were funny.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 28: Rain.

The Worm as Existential Dilemma

While a worm writhes in pain on a hook
There are fish who’ll stop by for a look
And then one of them may
Choose to go all the way:
Free the worm and get sent to the cook.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 25: Humor.

As Despair Grew Weary of Despair

Once upon a time in a wood
Where a brook flowed and ancient trees stood
It was dark with despair
Then a rose blossomed there
Through its thorns bringing hope where it could.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 24: Once Upon a Time.

Pigeon Perspective

Pigeon Perspective Evening Sky
Pigeon Perspective Evening Sky

What’s it like to be a pigeon living on the street?
Crumbs collect and raindrops fall. Dodge the people’s feet.