Warm Darkness Soothing Dreams

Out there where the darkness feels deep,
But warmth penetrates, cease to weep.
Choose some thoughts flowing free.
They’ll engage easily
As the air’s fresh and guides one like sleep.

Written for Limerick Challenge Week 15: Dark

Mysterious Monster

The monster who’s under my bed
Runs mysterious dreams through my head,
Makes me wake up and yawn
But at dawn he is gone
Like a word thought but then left unsaid.

Written for Limerick Challenge Week 14: Mysterious


Whether a feather can help a bird fly
I wonder and doubt though that plane in the sky
Goes faster than birds and weighs more than they do
And that mystery’s something that bothers me, too.

Brief Wave of Symmetry

Some symmetries seem obvious.
A flat line helps reflexion.
The edge of light, sharp black with white,
Requests a close inspection.
It’s when we take that closer look,
Where unseen details stray:
Coins in the pool, gray trees, some fool
Gives symmetry away.

I Done Dug the Hole Deeper for the Outhouse

Some poetry’s like a dog’s bone.
It’s best if you leave it alone
Or bury it deep
Lest it put you to sleep
Or worse make you read it and moan.


How does the one turn into two?
The many into one?
The background is a perfect blue,
The kind that one can see right through,
When one and two are done.

A Thanksgiving Meal for the Homeless Down at the Mission

It’s for the food. That’s why we go.
It’s for a change from everyday.
Blessings come and go we know
And we are thankful anyway.

Some will serve and some will eat
And some will see the faces change.
It’s temporary. Have a seat
Or help with pie. Does it feel strange?

And who are you with eyes so bright?
And who are you depressed with fear?
And who are you? It’s day not night.
And who are you beside me here?