Their Mysterious Eyes — #writephoto

The arc’s reflection made an eye.
They laughed when I asked, “Can it see?”
What’s looking at us walking by
May laugh and measure differently.
The dark might have its ways to know
A brighter truth that it won’t show.
Let us walk. I do not mind.
I hope those eyes like what they find.

Text: Linked to Sue Vincent’s #writephoto, Jane Dougherty’s November Yeats Challenge Day 2 and dVerse Open Link Night where Grace is hosting.

Images: Provided by Sue Vincent for the #writephoto prompt.

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The Perplexing Indeterminacy of Envy’s Measurements

To envy what others have got
Keeps me measuring me at each spot
Where I sense some regret.
I would rather forget
What I lack since it’s likely a lot.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 21: Envy.