Waiting for Just a Whisper

Quietly awaiting word
Of what I need to do.
I hope I’ll figure out it when
Some whisper does come through.

I hope that something does come through
So I won’t feel alone
But even if some nothing comes,
This silence I’ll still own.

Written for dVerse Quadrille #24 with prompt “whisper” hosted by De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo).

How Humor Can Make Things Better Or Worse

Humor feeds those parts of man
That hope sweet dreams come true
And woman feels she finally can
Do what she wants to do.

Anyone is happy when
Laughter lightens air.
Giggles entertain us then
And we no longer care.

This poem is a simple one.
It rhymes and sounds like verse.
I hope that now you know it’s done
It don’t make matters worse.

Posted for dVerse OpenLinkNight #187.

Almost Friends

The farmhouse rests on a flat, grain-growing, dusty, wonderful world. I am three. Outside I want to meet the dog who guards the farm.

Then I am on the ground. Someone says they will shoot that dog. Another stitches my eyebrow and cheek. I did not mean to frighten him.


Written for dVerse Haibun Monday 28.

Non-Random Fibonacci Curl

The pattern curled as it grew
Much like a fractal form.
We suffered and with joy came through
Sunshine or a storm

In every wave we rode upon,
We chose. We gave and took.
The pattern curled us along
And sometimes we could look.

Written for dVerse Quadrille #23.
Photo: “Tree” by the author

The Clock and the Now

The time labelled ‘past’ had an end
And the future we guess with a trend.
But the present is real
Like a now we can feel
That the clock tries but can’t comprehend.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 52: The End.
Photo: “Wiggly Trees and Mellow Lake” by the author


I don’t know what Fred was looking at, but the Aurora Borealis shining over the path was holding my attention one evening as we sat on the porch of my cabin. I pointed Fred’s head in the direction of the lights. He didn’t seem interested. He was to get his own dog house, a fancy one, since I had spare lumber. He would also get the required chain to make sure he didn’t chase my neighbor’s sheep when he grew up. I would eventually learn that Fred had as much interest in those sheep as he did in the aurora, but my neighbor’s purebred puppy, Princess, still too young to breed, was on his mind.

How do I know she was on his mind? Well, I don’t, and I would like to think he was still too young to be thinking about her, but he wasn’t interested in the aurora. He wasn’t interested in those sheep and she was barking in the distance. Civilized people normally introduce their dogs while walking through some nice park, but with my neighbor worrying about his sheep and what Fred might do to Princess, we never introduced them. “You should have that dog neutered,” he once advised. He was right, but I package my mistakes in boxes of reason and wrap them with brightly colored righteousness expecting only joy. I thought to myself that I wouldn’t want someone doing that to me, but I did, eventually, build that dog house and chain Fred. Thinking back on that peaceful evening with the aurora dancing in the sky, I suspect Fred knew everything he needed to know about Princess and she was, at least for the moment, glad I wasn’t going to neuter him.


Written for dVerse Haibun Monday. 
Photo: "Covering" by the author
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My Goal Is To Find Out Where I’m Going

My goal is to not waste the day.
Doing what, though, I still cannot say.
When the Sun’s bright, I’m cheery,
But at night I get weary.
I’ve walked, but I don’t know which way.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 50: Goal
Photo: “Steps and Snow Flakes Falling” by the Author