Ego Brain Heart Self

The brain feels crueler than the beating heart.
The gut is grosser resting further down.
Not being robots we are not that smart.
Our hearts don’t understand an AI frown.

The brain helps us when there’s a need to cope,
Anticipate how we should make some move.
Our hearts beat on beyond with rhythmic hope
Way past the need to optimize or prove.

The Moon and Mars are places we have sent
These little brains to tell us what they find.
The heart goes where no robot ever went.
We’re wise to kept our precious hearts behind.

Although we’d lose a game of chess to it,
We’ve sheltered hearts with love because of it.

Linked to dVerse Have a Heart! hosted by Lillian.
Linked to imaginary garden with real toads The Tuesday Platform.
Photo: “Heart Green Shelter” by the author.
My interest in the heart and brain connection comes from reading Rollin McCraty’s articles on the science of the heart.

Happy With What One Has

Ghosts remain invisible.
Charming angels hide.
My muses tease confusingly
As inspirations slide.

My cat purrs on no matter what
Troubles me or not.
She’s real enough to hold and feed
And with her neither of us need
More than we now have got.

Linked to dVerse Quadrille #26 hosted by Kim from Writing in North Norfolk using the word “ghost”. I am also reading Allen and Linda Anderson’s “Angel Cats” which might help explain the second stanza. For more information on them see their site Angel Animals.


My smart phone doesn’t love me much
Although it knows my finger’s touch.
It does what I tell it to do.
A dog would do the same thing, too.
A dog would also lick my face
And raise her puppies here some place.
My smart phone soon will be upgraded.
I’ll get some discount when it’s traded.
Our family now has puppies who
Seem more or less like me and you.

Linked to Saturday’s Image Write #2.

The Seed Who Dreamed of Travel

One day I hope to travel
But I will go nowhere.
I’m like a seed who sprouts and tries
To grow then shaded wilts and dies.
I’m rooted here not there.

If life’s a destination,
Then mine ends where I start.
And if I traveled from my home
And drifted somewhere all alone.
That, too, would break my heart.

Linked with dVerse OpenLinkNight #189 hosted by Grace.
Photo: “Seeds” by the author.

Full Moon Sunset

The Moon is fully round and shot with light.
That Sun has straight up hammered her tonight.
Her beams stir on the rocks to drown our sorrow,
Some tipsy proof from darkness comes tomorrow.

Written for dVerse Poetics: Muse Mixology hosted by de jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) and using words associated with a bar scene but without the bar context. I’ve italicized the words I used from the list.


I don’t know why I wait for the Sun. It rises anyway and never says a word.

There must be something wrong with this. Why hope the morning’s newness breaks so I can know what’s really true? Why hope this beauty sets once it has finally risen?



Written for dVerse Haibun Monday Ekphrasis and Haiga hosted by Björn Rudberg.  Photo: “Birds and Sunrise” by the author.

Recognizing Reality

If I should see an angel on a dish
About the size of any mid-sized fish,
I hope I’d be inclined to hesitate
Before I eat what’s on that dinner plate.

But knowing me I might not even see
How wondrous to some connoisseur she’d be.
I’d lift my fork until I met her eyes
And recognize my Lover’s new disguise.

Linked to Saturday’s Image Write #One.