Anticipating Halloween

When those Halloween spooks ring my door
I’d run to them creaking the floor.
They must wait patiently.
I move slower they see,
But I’ve treats that they’ve come looking for.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 43: Celebrations.


Enter into breathing time
Stuff may rise and fall.
It’s not our place to make it stop
Nor can we have it all.

It may not make a lot of sense.
You may wonder why.
Sparkle while you have the chance.
Decades wander by.

Written for dVerse Quadrille #19 hosted by WhimsyGizmo with the prompt “spark”.

Two Homonyms Too Many

In the Fall life will fall, but will spring
Back with Spring at its back. Love will bring
Winter’s cold, winter’s song,
Winter’s cold caught too long,
A warm heart to the heart of the thing.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 42: Homonyms.
Photo: “Shell and Sand” by Frank Hubeny

Teased By My Cloudy Mind

Fluffy cloud, relax the sky.
You deepen its pure blue,
But I’m not looking high somewhere.
My mind runs cloudy, too.

My mind desires a faster way
To calm its anxious fight:
“Relax. Sit tall. Observe it all.”
But I am teased by light.

Written for dVerse Quadrille #18 posted by Kim with the challenge word being “cloud”.

Recipe: Monster Stew

What you’ll need is a rather large pot
Since the mass of a monster’s a lot.
Drop some veggies in, too,
As you stir this fine stew.
When it’s done, it will taste good–or not.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 41: Taste.

Buried Inside the Monster’s Stomach

But for fear I appeared to be brave.
Being dumb made me harder to save.
When those monsters ate lunch
Even bones had to crunch
But at least I did not need a grave.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 40: Fears.

The Dragon’s Gold


Trying to explain why the damsel got caught by the dragon

Most dragons like sitting on gold
While the knight wants a damsel to hold,
But the damsel prefers
Those knights richer than hers
Or that dragon both well-off and old.


The problem with dragon gold is both knights and damsels want it

A dragon sits deep in his cave.
He has gold since he knows how to save.
There’s a damsel distressed
By her shiny knight pest
Sneaking in since gold makes fools brave.


The dragon has sold all his gold

The dragon said, “Gold’s gonna drop.”
So he sold when gold hit a new top
And the damsel moaned, “Why?”
You could hear the knight cry,
But those bulls couldn’t make that bear stop.

Posted for ‘s Meeting the bar as a cubist poet at dVerse.