The Path To My Home

I am only inclined to tell this story, before I can no longer speak, because no one I have been rash enough to tell it to so far believes it. Right now, I’ll restrict myself to what is believable and that is simply that a puppy followed my neighbor pushing his way up the long path through the wild grass and tall red osiers that were not beaten down by my narrow, daily footsteps. He looked like a friendly dog although I cannot remember why I agreed to take him in.

His name was Fred. I let him sleep inside my cabin containing a hand pump for water, kerosene lamps for light and a wood stove on the edge of central Maine’s vast forest lands. On his first day Fred tore open the sealed food bag and stuffed himself with dog food until his stomach bloated. When he saw me refill his bowl he knew this was home. Eventually, Fred would earn the title of “bad dog”. I forgave him. I hope he forgave me. However, that gets into the unbelievable part that I’ve promised myself I must tell, but which I cannot tell, just yet, because I am trying to make it clear how cute he looked walking innocently through that tall grass.


Written for dVerse Haibun Monday.  
Photo: "Orderly Entanglement" by the author.
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Waiting for the Hero

On his quest for the truth he went far.
Back at home beauty’s wounds formed a scar.
There his enemies wait
His return, but he’s late,
Or he’s dead, misled by some dark star.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 47: Tell Me A Story!

Wow, that’s a depressing limerick. But it is only one chapter. The thing about chapters is if there is one chapter, there’s another, and the thing about heroes is just when you think they have been beaten, they come back.

Photo: “Maple” by Frank Hubeny

Breathing Through Another Day

I’ve breathed enough to know I’m here.
I wonder why that’s so?
There is no need I might concede.
Contentedly I go.

I wonder why we stir at all
And build entangled dreams
Inhaling air refreshed with care.
Light thrills us as it beams.

Written for dVerse Quadrille # 21 “Take a Breath”.

Photo: “Round and Together” by Frank Hubeny

From Where to There

Over the years with the air fresh or stale,
Overland with my feet as a sail
It seems I got where
I was meant to out there
But the best part of all was that trail.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 46: Over the Years!

What a Difference Fifty Years Makes

In the old days we’d write on black slate
That would screech as the chalk scratched the plate
Or pop with each pound.
Now my mouse moves around
And my tablet sounds better than great.

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 45 with a photo prompt above by condesign at Pixabay.

Hide and Seek

My intuition’s been off-cue
Slipping on fresh stress.
It should have had a cleaner view,
Not made, but dodged, this mess.
Deep paths entangle. Hope gets through.
Some guiding pebbles show.
I’ll seek if I may hide with you.
Those demons need not know.

Written for dVerse Quadrille #20 using the prompt “cue”.

Image: Frank Hubeny, “Left Turn”

Scarier Than Halloween

There are horrors that let themselves in
When the gambles I trusted won’t win.
Is God still on my side
As my crash goes to hide
In my heart like a well-deserved sin?

Written for the Limerick Challenge Week 44: Horror.

Photo: Frank Hubeny, “Leaves Surrendering to Winter”